Who we are?

Founded in the year 2000 in Bursa, Turkey, our company is a producer and supplier of PVC, melamine, and veneer edges. 

Furniture edging is a high impact decorative material used to cover raw material edges of chipboard, MDF, laminates, or any other type of paneling. Edges are a main component of our modern day furniture. It can be found in every where in the daily lives; from kitchen to bedroom, from bathroom to office. 

Denge Factory in BursaWhat is Coskunuzer Mobilya Sanayi Ltd. Sti.?

Coskunuzer Mobilya is the register name or corporate entity that owns this company. 

What is Denge?

Denge is the brand name of Coskunuzer Mobilya. In Turkish Market, everyone will know Coskunuzer Mobilya with this brand. 

Denge specialises in the quick supply and distribution of edges other materials that support edging process (hot melt or ironing cloth). Denge holds an extensive stock range of all Turkish panel edges. Many of which are available for next day delivery throughout Turkey.

Though we mainly focus on furniture edges, we also supply hot melt, ironing cloth, and spray glue.

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