Veneer Edging

Denge produces veneer edging from veneer slices. Veneer edges are made from natural trees. The tree is sliced into 0.6mm of thickness.

Veneer edges are made from these thin layers of wood which is connected in longitude direction by a special jointing machine. This special machine turns the veneer sheets into continuous rolls.

The rolls are either pre-glued or fleece backed based on the customer demand. The final veneer thickness with fleece is ~0.5mm.

All rolls are sanded before cutting process. The width of edges could change from 22mm to 200mm.

The standard length of pre-glued rolls is 50mt. For fleece backed, it is 100mt. Special length of rolls could be produced if demanded by the customer.

It is possible that we can turn your own veneers into rolls by supplying us the veneer sheets.

For further discussion, please contact us.

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