Twin-Color Edging

Twin-color edging is made from PMMA. PMMA is high grade thermoplastic like ABS or PVC. With the recent development of twin color, the furniture can have new aesthetic appeal with this edging. Even though the price of twin-color is high compared to PVC or other edging, it will add high value to the furniture. 

Twin-color edging may be known as 3D or acrylic edging as it gives a 3D depth to the corners. 

Twin-Color Edging

The silver surface of 3D edging combined with red or other eye-catching color line next to it, it can easily be applied with regular edgebander with some special adjustment. Note that PMMA is a harder material; therefore, it will require some small adjustment in the machine. 

Twin-color edging is available in 8 different colors. The silver color is standard; the other side of edging can be in red, blue, and some other colors. The size of twin-color is 1mm in thickness and 23mm in width.

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