Veneer Edging Production

Veneer edging production requires many steps and much attention to produce the right product. We take the veneer slices and turn into edging.

Finger Jointing Process

Carefully selected and organized veneer sheets are jointed together in the length to create master rolls.

Fleece Paper Backing

The veneer rolls are either fleece backed or hot melt glued on the back. The fleece paper from Germany enables the veneer to be flexible and strong both of which enable the end user to apply the edging at ease with edgebanders.

Sanding Process

Fleece backed or hot melt backed rolls are ready to be sanded to have a smoother finish; ready for the painting process at the end users factory.

Slitting Veneer Edging

The sanded rolls are now ready for slitting. Based on the customer preference, the rolls are slitted to needed widths changing from 16mm up to 200mm.

Afterwards, the rolls are nylon wrapped to keep the product from moisture and are packed in boxes. They are ready for dispatch.

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