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Denge is a major distributor of edging in Turkey. On this site, you will find the complete details of our products and services.

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    PVC Edging

    Produced without lead or another other harmful material, Denge PVC edging contains the least harmful material found in all PVC market.

    PVC edging can vary from 19mm up to 100mm in width. The available thicknesses are 0.4mm, 0.8, and 2mm.

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    Melamine Edging

    Melamine edging is the economical solution for edgebanding. Though cheaper than PVC, Denge melamine edging will give a good application experience the end users.

    Melamine edging can be slit from 18mm up to 200mm. It is also available in jumbo roll format. The thickness is 0.28mm or 0.31mm. It can come with glue or without glue

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    Veneer Edging

    Denge produces veneer edging from veneer slices. Veneer edges are made from natural trees. The tree is sliced into 0.6mm of thickness.

    It is possible to buy veneer edging in both pre-glued rolls or fleece-backed rolls. Many species also exist within the Denge's collection.

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    High Gloss PVC Edging

    It is very important to have the edging as close as to the panel. Glossy panels will require glossy edgings.

    Denge offers high gloss PVC edging. Glossy uni-colors and glossy woodgrain colors exist within denge collection.

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    Aluminum Edging

    Furniture designs and trends are evolving more than ever. Now is the time to use metal in furniture

    . Aluminum, the most eye-catching metal, can now be a part of the furniture.

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    Twin-Color Edging

    Even though the price of twin-color is high compared to PVC or other edging, it will add high value to the furniture.

    Twin-color edging is available in 8 different colors. The silver color is standard; the other side of edging can be in red, blue, and some other colors.

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    Hot Melt Adhesive

    Each furniture producer needs hot melt for the usage of PVC edges, melamine edges, and fleece backed veneer edges.

    For the application of our products, we have the hot melt which is proven to be in perfect harmony with our edgings.

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    Other Materials

    We also offer cloth base for iron. This is needed for the application of pre-glued PVC edges to board. The cloth prevents the PVC from burning and being distorted.

    What we see important for application of our edgings, we will try our best to supply it directly to our customers.

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